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Financial Education for ALL Employees

Setting your entire team on a path to financial freedom

We have partnered with 40+ organisations

Key Drivers

Support Your Employees

Lower Financial Stress

56% of employees are stressed about their finances

Increase Literacy

52% lack basic financial literacy

Improve Wellness

61% think financial education is the key to overall financial wellness

The Holistic Wrapper to Your Financial Benefits

With the relevant knowledge in hand, employees are empowered to fully utilise, and engage with, financial tools and support that’s available to them.

Education is the first step to employees achieving financial freedom for themselves and their families.

membership benefits

A program built for your employees

Your employees get access to our award-winning e-learning universe. With a mix of on-demand courses, masterclasses, and live webinars, no matter the topic, we are there to support your employees.

Personal Finance

Everything from budgeting, debt, and savings to mortgages and pensions


Accessible content to learn the A to Z of investing and how to get started


Weekly content to keep your employees up to date on market events, news and more

Impact you can measure

You’ll get access to engagement reporting to help you understand usage and progressive improvement in your employees financial wellbeing over time.

Not ready to commit to the programme?


We also offer three financial workshops to help you start the conversation with your team.

Personal Finance

Teaching your team everything that school didn’t including:

Budgeting and Saving

Managing Debt

Retirement 101

Intro to Investing

A beginner’s guide to investing covering all the basics:

Why should you invest

Stocks and Trading

Top Investment Tips

Sustainable Investing

Helping your team make a positive impact:

What is sustainable investing?

ESG and why it’s important


"Financial wellbeing comes from knowing the ropes first."

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Implementing Female Invest for Business?

No! Female Invest  is for all employees. Anyone who has felt excluded from the world of finance but who wants to achieve financial freedom and independence is encouraged to join!

With our launch strategy and marketing resources, plus ongoing engagement programs, we take the stress out of employee benefits for you and ensure your employees get most out of the program.

Once the partnership has been agreed, it only takes 3 weeks to launch the program.

  • All employees are given access to our award winning e-learning platform. 
  • Quarterly bespoke webinars on the topics that matter most to your team. 
  • A triennial financial health check of employees so you know what support they need. 
  • Quarterly reporting to track employee engagement and development.
  • A bespoke company landing page and email flow so you can stay connected to your team as they start their journey to financial independence.

What type on content will employees get access to?

Whether your employees need answers to a question about investing or want to share their experiences - ups and downs - then this is their private space to connect with likeminded professionals. 

Our certified financial advisors are on hand to answer their questions.

Your employees can:

  • See activity feed
  • Post questions
  • Get answers from the right people
  • Create polls
  • Join conversations
  • Join groups
  • Direct messaging between members
  • Get notifications

Live webinars are taught by speakers, carefully selected by Female Invest. All introductory webinars are released on a monthly basis, and the topic differs from time to time. Employees can keep themselves updated on our website and register to attend. All  webinars will also be recorded and uploaded on the website.

We have compiled an incredible catalog of 25+ video lessons that help employees set themselves up for a better financial future. 

Our e-learning videos are divided into 3 separate tracks: personal finance, investing and career. Each video lesson are 2 minutes long on average, and comes along with in-depth articles, quizzes and downloadable material.

Track 1: Personal finance

This track covers everything you need to know about managing your money, saving, and debt. It also includes budgeting strategies, retirement planning, and it makes employees rethink your relationship with money. 

Chapter 1: How to deal with your personal finances
Chapter 2: Everything you need to know about debt
Chapter 3: Set yourself up for retirement
Chapter 4: Money and relationship

Track 2: Investing

The next step is to start investing. As the number 1 investing guru, Warren Buffet, once said: "Don't save what is left after spending. Spend what is left after saving." And yes, that includes investing too. 

Chapter 1: Why you should invest
Chapter 2: Before you start investing
Chapter 3: How the stock market works
Chapter 4: Stocks for beginners
Chapter 5: How to trade stocks
Chapter 6: Funds & ETF's for beginners
Chapter 7: Our best investing tips

Track 3: Career

Everything employees need in order to master their money at work as well. 

Chapter 1: Set yourself up for successful job searching 
Chapter 2: Focus on your career development
Chapter 3: Improve your negotiation skills
Chapter 4: Why wellbeing at work is so important

Money Moves includes access to 15+ video lessons that are 5 minutes long on average, taught by professionals sharing their best advice’s. The lessons cover a broad selection of themes such sustainability, technical analysis, macro trends, investments funds, etc.

There's never a bad time to make a financial fresh start. Employees can explore our online magazine and be inspired by the stories of like-minded professionals and even broaden their understanding of debt, budgeting, investing, etc.