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No matter how much you earn, owe or save up, it is important to keep track of your finances and know your options for optimizing it. As a member of Female Invest, you will learn how you can get more out of your money and get started investing. This is important because the financial decisions you make today shape your opportunities in the future.

Your membership includes:

  • Full access to online community
  • Live webinars, and recordings if approved by the speaker
  • 25+ e-learning videos, including in-depth articles, quizzes and downloadable material
  • Master Classes with carefully selected speakers (coming soon)
  • Full access to our online magazine, including guest blogs, etc.

All webinars are released on a continuous basis, and the topic differs from time to time. We expect you to keep yourself updated on our website and register your participation. Webinars will be recorded and uploaded to the platform within 72 hour after the webinar was held if approved by the speaker. 

A membership provides unlimited access to all video lessons and new as they launch.

No. Everyone is welcome at Female Invest. However, our target audience is women, and therefore we naturally target all our communication towards them.

Please note that we charge in DKK (Danish Kroner). The exact amount charged may therefore vary slightly from the prices below, depending on today’s exchange rate.

Membership fees:

Prices in GBP:

  • £ 9.50 / month - monthly billing
  • £ 7 / month - annual billing

Prices in EUR:

  • € 11 / month - monthly billing
  • € 8 / month - annual billing

Please read our terms of service here.

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Please read our terms of service here.