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Did we mention that your invited friends get 50% off on a membership? It's a win for you AND your friends!

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From champagne to a weekend getaway


There’s no celebration without bubbles! With 1 successful referral, we welcome you into our reward program with a bottle of fizz. Let's pop that cork and celebrate that your friend has also become a member of Female Invest after receiving YOUR invite!

$50 voucher

You deserve some retail therapy for making your second referral! That’s why we’re giving you a $50 voucher for a popular store of your own choice. It’s time to celebrate your wins by treating yourself with that voucher!


We’re rewarding you a 4 month subscription to a service of your choice! There are many cool platforms to choose from including Spotify and many other streaming services via Itunes and Google Play. What a great way to celebrate referring 3 friends to Female Invest and growing the community of women taking charge over their money.

1:1 Session

Take your financial success to the next level! You get a 1:1 session with a Female Invest team member for making that fourth referral. You can get answers to the questions you might have around your finances, find out if you’re on track with your money goals and discuss how your portfolio is performing.

Female Invest Ambassador

It’s time to celebrate your success by becoming an ambassador of Female Invest. With 5 referrals, you now get early bird access, free merch & 1 years free membership to Female Invest. That’s all well deserved for introducing those 5 friends to our growing Female Invest community!

Lifetime Member

Become a money boss! We want to thank you for your super hard work by making you a free lifetime member of Female Invest! With your lifetime free access to our platform, you are equipped with all the tools, resources and news you need to be on top of your money game. Amazing job on hitting that 10 referral milestone.

Weekend Getaway

This is huge, so let’s get you on that plane! It’s time to celebrate 20 referrals with a weekend trip to either London or Copenhagen. Flight and hotel costs are on us! What’s next? Set the date, get ready to book your flight and we can’t wait to celebrate you bringing 20 friends on your Female Invest journey with you!

Get started referring friends

Female Invest ApS’ rewards program (the “Program”) grants rewards to customers for successful referrals to Female Invest ApS’ platform. A referral is successful if it results in the invited friend, family member, etc. signing up for an annual membership using the referral link provided. 

The Program is only available for customers with active subscriptions to Female Invest ApS’ platform. Rewards granted through the Program are not part of the services obtained through a membership to Female Invest ApS. A membership to Female Invest ApS does not give the entitlement to receive rewards through the Program. 

The rewards illustrated by Female Invest ApS on the website www.femaleinvest.com, www.femaleinvest.dk, on emails from Female Invest ApS, on Female Invest ApS’ social media or other platforms are only examples of rewards. Female Invest ApS may choose, in its sole discretion, to grant different rewards with approximately the same economic value as the examples. In the assessment of the economic value of the reward Female Invest ApS will take into account the costs associated with transporting the reward to the customer.

Female Invest ApS is not responsible for the delivery of the reward and cannot guarantee that the reward will reach the customer.