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Frequently asked questions

Market news offers a brief, concise and engaging overview of the week’s most important news topics within the financial markets. In just 20 to 30 minutes, our live host will present all the latest updates and what they mean for your investments.

Market News is live streamed every Monday at 8am (GMT+1). How you consume the content is up to you. You can either watch the live stream or simply listen to it in a podcast format as it airs. It hosted by Zoe Burt, who works as a Wealth Manager for clients across Europe.

Your Market News fix includes:

  • A run down of what’s happened on the Financial markets over the last week. 
  • Wider implications of the news for your investments. 
  • What’s expected over the coming days/weeks through short, sharp and easy-to-digest overviews.

You can watch or listen to the Market News live every Monday at 8:00am (GMT+1). If you sign up, you’ll receive a reminder 15 minutes before the webinar starts. If you’re unable to attend, you can always listen or re-watch it afterwards at a time that better suits you - you can even replay as many times as you wish! You can find this week's Market News by clicking here.

If you want to get a concise and easy-to-understand market update free from complex jargon, then Market News is definitely for you! Most importantly, we deliver the financial news to you in just 20 to 30 minutes. That way, you can improve your financial knowledge whilst you’re on the go!

Time is precious and we all lead busy lives. So if reading the paper or switching on the television to stay informed is proving to take up too much time, our briefing is definitely relevant for the busy-bees who need information quickly and easily.

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