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As a social e-learning platform, Female Invest, at its core, is a community. It's a feeling. We've built it - together - over the course of the last few years. It is about elevating women and giving them a sense of independence and empowerment. When we give women the ability to make the most of their money, the world becomes a stronger and better version of itself.

Our community is at the center of everything we do and we are thrilled that thousands of women are actively helping us shape the future of Female Invest. We are proud to highlight our ambassadors as role models and we hope their stories can help inspire more women to become the boss of their money. Click to meet them all and listen to their stories.

Women like you

Our Ambassadors

Carriene Rendbo

”I always thought you needed a lot of money and a deep understanding of finance to get started investing. When joining Female Invest, I realized that it was a lot simpler. Getting started investing is one of the easiest things I’ve done.. and it’s been life changing”

Holly Y. Pan

“My mother always encouraged me to take control of my finances and she was my biggest role model in that area. She taught me that money equals independence, freedom and the ability to live life on your own terms.”

Emma Wilson-Hill

"My relationship with money used to be a turbulent one. I avoided checking my bank account, and I didn’t keep track of my spending. It used to give me anxiety, and I knew I couldn’t continue like that. It has been a long journey, but now I am finally in charge of my money and it feels empowering. "

Jennet Berdyklycheva

“I still remember the feelings when making my first investment. On one hand, it was exciting and empowering. On the other hand, it was quite anticlimactic because I realised how simple it actually is”

Tereza Kramlova

“Being in control of my money is a very empowering thing and I know it will have a direct impact on my future. It is especially important for me knowing that my money goes to companies that have ethical and environmental practices that I agree with”