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Get ready to ace those finances

Did someone say free worksheets to iron out my finances?

As a member of Female Invest, you now get exclusive access to not 1, not 2, but 6 worksheets which will set you on the path to ace those finances!

From our 50/30/20 Budgeting Tool to our Portfolio Performance Tracker, our worksheets will work out budgets you can stick to, help you drill down your freelance income, create a strategy for your F U Fund and help you track all your investments in one place.

Sound like a no brainer? Check them out and click download - It’s THAT easy!

The 50/30/20 Budgeting Tool

Do you find it difficult to work out a budget and stick to it? We’ve all been there!

Say hello to our favourite budget template - Aka. the 50/30/20 rule. We love this nifty tool because it considers your future (savings and investments), whilst allocating 30% of your income on FUN. Because let’s be real - no one can stick to a budget where fun isn’t allowed. You absolutely deserve to carry on doing the things you love (within your means of course).

Is Excel not your forte? Not to worry - we've made it easy for you to get started. All you have to do is insert your own numbers. Simple!

Buy our budget template here and get started on making a budget you can ACTUALLY stick to. Let’s go!

F***U Fund Calculator

When life hits and things don’t go to plan? That’s when your emergency F*** U Fund comes to the rescue. Why is it important? Well, it gives you the ultimate freedom to make bold decisions and remove the things that no longer serve you. Want to quit your job, leave a partner or seize a great opportunity? Your F*** U Fund gives you the green light to do exactly that.

So, how much do you need? How much should you put aside every month? And, for how long? We’ll iron out all those questions in this clever little excel sheet, equipping you with a strategy to reach those goals.

Freelance Income Tracker

Freelance life is demanding. And with no clear payday or consistent monthly income, understanding your revenue streams isn’t exactly easy. That means there’s a lot you have to manage yourself, making a budget notoriously difficult to track.

Because how do you keep track of your personal budget when your paycheque amounts switch from month to month? Don’t worry - our Freelance Income Tracker will keep track of your monthly expenses, even when your income differs by the month!

Portfolio Performance Tracker

Keeping track of your portfolio can be time consuming and it becomes a bit of a hassle logging into different accounts just to see how they’re getting on. But with our Portfolio Performance Tracker, you get an overview of your investments in real time all in one space, making portfolio management 10 times easier.

All you have to do is input the figures specific to your investments. Once that’s done, the spreadsheet does all the magic for you. No more logging into your investments? Now we’re talking!

Debt Payoff Planner

From student loans to house mortgages, most of us have debt living rent free in our minds. But what if we told you a planner exists to help you prioritise paying them off? With our clever debt calculator, you’ll get a solid overview of your debt items and get clear on which debt items to pay off first. What’s more, we equip you with the 2 most effective methods to pay it off.

Paying off debt might sound daunting, but it won’t be the minute a clear strategy laid out for you. This debt calculator removes all the guesswork for you - all YOU need to do is type in the figures before we guide you on the right path.

Personal Budget

Struggling to keep track of your web of expenses? With dozens of transactions coming out every month, you’re not alone in thinking it’s a mind field to navigate.

This excel sheet will will give you a crystal clear overview of your monthly expenses for an entire year, helping you to fine tune what expenses can stay and which can go.

It’s time to keep track of your finances, so you can get closer to those financial goals you’ve been dreaming about. Let’s do it!e goals.