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Upgrade your investing skills and learn about macro trends, sustainable investing, money and motherhood, alternative investing and much more! As a member, you have access to all the learning content including our masterclasses. Sign up, go to 'Learn' and start watching now.


Upgrade your investing skills and learn about macro trends, sustainable investing, money and motherhood, alternative investing and much more! 

As a member, you have access to all the learning content including Masterclasses. 

Sign up, go to 'Learn' and start watching now.

What you can find inside Masterclasses

Tune in and learn about how you can get started with sustainable investing with this masterclass.

We tend to forget that when we buy a stock, we become an owner of that company. It’s a real company and by putting your money into that company, you are actually funding their activities. Most of us want to do our part to help create a better future. One powerful way to do that is through sustainable investing. 

This masterclass is about sustainable investing and we are very lucky to have Mette Bergenstoff Sletbjerg to teach us all about it! Here’s what you can look forward to: 

1. What is Sustainable Investing?
2. Is it Sustainable? Three Things to Consider
3. How to Get Started

Every new investor needs inspiration on how to kickstart their investment journey. Well, we got the perfect example of just that served on a silver platter! Welcome to the stage.. Business Owner Carriene Rendbo! Carriene is a courageous women, and she’s here to share her investment journey and tell you how she became the boss of her money. Here are the three chapters you can look forward to: 
1. Why You Need to Be Money Savvy
2. How I Became the Boss of My Money
3. My Best Pieces of Advice

Want to know how you can set up your kids for financial success? In this masterclass, Business owner Anissa Gaceb shares her best tips and tricks for talking about money with your children. She'll also be sharing her story about how she got started investing herself (spoiler alert: it started bad but ended very well)

Here's an overview of the videos: 

1. My Biggest Investment Mistake

2. How to Talk about Money With Your Kids

3. Setting Your Children up for Financial Success

We need to hear about other people's investment journey, how it started and what they learned along the way. That's why we've teamed up with Caroline Vang Christensen. In this masterclass, she tells her own story about what got her to take the plunge to invest. She'll be sharing her best tips for getting started.

Buckle up for this masterclass about alternative investments. Your speaker is Equity Manager Caroline Vang Christensen and she will tell you why it's important to know about this asset class. 

These are the three videos you'll be going through: 

1. Introduction to Alternative Investments

2. Introduction to Privat Equity

3. Introduction to Leveraged Buyout.

What makes stock prices go up and down, you might wonder? It's time to dive into macro trends and zoom out for a bigger perspective. Luckily we're in good hands with equity manager from Goldman Sachs Caroline Vang Christensen! After watching this masterclass, you'll know which kind of global events affect stock prices and how you can manage your portfolio accordingly. You'll know the difference between cyclical and non-cyclical stocks and what characterises growth and value stocks. 

Here are the highlights: 

1. What Affects Stock Prices

2. Cyclical and Non-Cyclical Stocks

3. Growth and Value Stocks

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