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Terms of Service

1. General

These terms apply to all purchases made on the website www.femaleinvest.com and will always be available from here.

All agreements regarding purchases made on the website are entered into with:

Female Invest ApS
Bredgade 58, 1.
DK-1260 København K
Company registration number: 40372555

2. Introduction to our services

A membership of Female Invest ApS will grant the customer access to an online universe of knowledge and inspirational content regarding investment among others through webinars and articles. Female Invest ApS assumes no responsibility for the customer’s/user’s use of the information on the website/platform. We emphasise that investments, including securities trading, are generally associated with great risks, and that this is solely the customer’s/user’s own risk.   

When setting up a membership, the customer creates a user account and in this connection, ensures that the information is correct at the time of registration. The customer’s log-in information is personal and must not be used by others unless otherwise agreed. The customer must keep login information secured so that others may not get unauthorised access to the information. The customer is responsible for all use of his or her own user account. 

Female Invest ApS sell several products independently of membership of femaleinvest.com. These products – i.e. merchandise, gift certificates and tickets for events – are sold via an online shop on the Female Invest website.

The terms listed below apply to all services supplied by Female Invest ApS, unless otherwise specifically stated or separately agreed.

3. Entering agreement

The agreement between the customer and Female Invest ApS is entered when the customer’s order has been received on Female Invest ApS’ server.

When the customer’s order is received, we will send an order confirmation as soon as possible by email with the customer’s order number, name, address, payment method and delivery address, if any together with a list of the services ordered. The customer’s order confirmation will not be accessible through the website and we encourage our customers to save the forwarded order confirmation.

4. Payment and termination

All prices are inclusive of VAT. Please note that we charge in Danish Kroner. The exact amount charged may therefore vary slightly from the price in GBP or EUR, depending on today’s exchange rate. The applicable price is the price listed next to the service on the website at the time of the order. Courses, webinars, and the like should only be included in the membership fee if it has specifically been listed as free for members. 

Female Invest ApS reserves the right to change prices on the website which have been erroneously specified. Female Invest ApS also reserves the right to make changes to fees and/or other costs listed on the website at any time. 

On the website, the following payment methods may be used: Visa and Mastercard. All information provided in connection with the payment transaction is protected by encryption.

When using payment cards in connection with payment concerning physical goods, the amount will not be withdrawn until the order has been shipped. If the payment concerns a continuing membership, the amount will be withdrawn when the membership has been drawn up and subsequently each month in advance. The membership is automatically renewed until termination. If we cannot withdraw the amount from the specified means of payment, we will close access to the membership site. 

The membership at Female Invest ApS may be terminated at the end of a payment period of one month from the latest payment. To terminate the agreement, the customer must contact Female Invest ApS at support@femaleinvest.com or stop the subscription by logging into the member site through femaleinvest.com.

5. Delivery time and place

Under normal circumstances, Female Invest ApS confirm and ship physical goods within 3 to 5 working days after the order confirmation. Longer delivery time, if any, will be stated in the order confirmation. You will be contacted if your order is not shipped from Copenhagen within 5 working days. If delivery is urgent or you wish to take delivery on a certain date, you may state this in the comment field of your order, and will do our best to comply with your wishes. 

Further information regarding delivery time and place will be stated in the order confirmation. 

6. Shipment in Denmark

We ship to a parcel shop with GLS in Denmark. 

7. Adjustments and changes

Female Invest ApS reserves the right to change the fee and other terms for the membership. The customer will be notified of any changes no later than thirty (30) days before the changes come into force. In the event of such changes, the customer will be entitled to terminate the subscription from the day the changes come into force. If the customer does not terminate the subscription before the changes come into force, it will be regarded as acceptance of the change. Changes that are obviously an advantage for the customer would apply immediately without the right to termination on the part of the customer.

8. Right of cancellation

8.1. Membership and purchase of tickets

Purchase of membership is binding. Female Invest ApS is a digital service, and the customer is given direct access to the full content when purchasing. Because the customer may use the digital learning material directly after completing the purchase, such immediate access requires the customer to give expressly consent to waiver the right of cancellation when subscribing. This means that if the customer purchases a one-year membership, the purchase will be binding and therefore not be refundable, should the customer choose to close the profile before the expiry date of the membership. It is possible for members to close their profile at any time they wish even though the money will not be refunded. 

The right of cancellation does not apply to purchases of tickets to an arrangement at a specific date unless the arrangement is canceled or moved by us. 

8.2. Physical goods and gift certificates

The customer will be entitled to cancel a purchase of physical goods, provided that the goods are in the condition as when received and is in intact original packaging. If the customer wishes to exercise the right to cancel the purchase, the customer should inform Female Invest ApS within two weeks after receiving the goods. Should the last day of the cancellation period fall on a holiday, a Saturday, the Danish Constitution day, the 24th of December or the 31st of December, the period shall lapse the following workday. The customer bears the burden of proof that the right to withdraw has been exercised in due time.

Please note that gift certificates cannot be returned.

The customer may choose to use our standard form available at standardfortrydelsesformular (in Danish only), but it is not required. 

When the customer has informed Female Invest ApS of the wish to exercise the cancellation right, the customer shall send the goods to Female Invest ApS, Bredgade 58, 1. 1260 Copenhagen K, Denmark within two weeks. The customer will bear all costs connected to returning the goods to Female Invest ApS. 

When the customer has notified Female Invest ApS that the customer wishes to cancel the purchase, Female Invest ApS shall refund the amount paid by the customer, including delivery costs, back to the customer without undue delay and no later than two weeks from the notification date. Female Invest ApS will not refund any extra costs if the customer chooses another delivery form other than the cheapest standard delivery offered by Female Invest ApS. The customer should pay all costs in connection with returning the goods.

Refunds are conditional upon the goods being received by Female Invest ApS or if the customer has presented documentation that the goods have been returned.

Female Invest ApS will refund the amount to the same means of payment as used by the customer in connection with the original transaction, unless the customer has expressly accepted that Female Invest ApS may refund by other means of payment.

If the customer chooses to cancel part of a delivery and only return part of the delivery, Female Invest ApS will refund the amount corresponding to the returned goods without undue delay and no later than two weeks from the date the customer has notified Female Invest ApS of the partial cancellation. Female Invest ApS shall not refund delivery costs in connection with partial cancellations.

If the value of the goods has been significantly reduced due to the handling of the goods in another way than what is necessary to establish the nature of the goods, the properties, and the functionality of the goods, Female Invest ApS will deduct an amount corresponding to the reduction of the value from the refund from Female Invest ApS.

9. Expiry and replacement of gift certificates

A gift certificate from Female Invest is a certificate issued to the holder, which means that if you lose it, it will not be replaced. It also means that the person in possession of the certificate may use it. You may compare the certificates to banknotes or coins which are not replaced if lost. However, to provide great good customer service, and if you experience issues with your gift certificate, please contact us. We will investigate the issue and return as soon as possible. 

Gift certificates bought from Female Invest will expire one year after the issue date, unless otherwise expressly stated. The issue date is the date money is withdrawn from the customer. 

10. Default notice – defects

The customer has a right to seek redress for defective or faulty products within two years of receiving the physical products. The customer may therefore not claim defects or faults discovered more than two years after the goods are delivered. If the customer discovers that the product delivered is defective, the customer should inform Female Invest ApS within a reasonable time after these defects have been discovered.    

The customer should be aware that the 'defective products provisions' of the Danish Sale of Goods Act apply to all goods purchased. 

11. Complaints

If there are disputes between the customer and Female Invest ApS regarding the customer’s purchase, customers in Denmark may file a complaint with the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s Centre for Complaints [_Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens Center for Klageløsning_], Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg, tlf. 72405600. The customer may find further information regarding the complaint, fees etc. at www.forbrug.dk

The customer may complain to the Danish Centre for complaints via www.forbrug.dk

Customers in other EU countries may file complaints regarding disputes between the customer and Female Invest ApS regarding the customer’s purchase via the European platform for Online Dispute Resolution,  http://ec.europa.eu/odr. When filing the complaint, the customer may refer to the Female Invest ApS e-mail address hello@femaleinvest.com.

12. Intellectual property

All rights to products, articles, webinars, courses, events, etc shall belong to Female Invest ApS. 

In general, website users/customers cannot copy of publish content (e.g. articles and webinars) from Female Invest ApS, unless this is in accordance with Female Invest ApS’ instructions or with our consent. 

Commercial use of our trademark (name, logo etc. is not allowed. 

13. Liability

Female Invest ApS does not assume liability for the customer’s/user’s use of the information available on the website/platform. We stress that investments, including trade in securities, are generally associated with great risks and that the liability for these risks lies with the customer. Female Invest ApS cannot be held liable for lack of earnings or losses connected to the customer’s/user’s use of the knowledge gained from the website/portal.

Female Invest ApS is not be liable for delays or non-compliance with the obligations of the agreement if such non-compliance is due to force majeure. As long as a force majeure situation exists, Female Invest is exempt from compliance with the obligations.

14 Personal data

The information provided by the customer, in connection with placing an order or subscribing to membership, will be registered by Female Invest ApS who will be data controller for the information. To read more regarding personal data and the customer’s rights in this respect please see our privacy policy here

The latest version of these terms is dated 15 December 2021.